First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Vernon, Texas

Rainbow / Silver Rooms

 Noisy Offering Ministry: Rainbow / Silver Room

 At this time, there is no Rainbow Room within our area, the closest is Wichita Falls, and they are   having to relaunch their Rainbow Room after not being able to keep it up. Our CPS workers do not   just cover Wilbarger County but also the following counties: Hardeman, Baylor, Cottle, Hardeman and Knox Counties. The need for these children is enormous, and the children need to have the essential items  that could not come with them from their own homes due to conditions of the residence or clothing. The children need clothes and to having their own hygiene items, very important to a child. Having their items is the beginning of some stability and a sense of normalcy. They need to know that these items are theirs and only theirs.  We also assist women with children going into a women's shelter due to domestic violence. The Silver room will maintain items needed for the elderly that Adult Protective Services look into their cases. We will also supply young women with period supplies that do not have the means to buy and assist their families within the counties our State Officer work in. First United Methodist Church will be the Hub location due to having the room for storage and availability for these counties for the low income families that need the basic hygiene and clothing items that they are unable to afford. The ministry will also supply young women with period supplies due the families being low-income and not having the means to buy these supplies. How, we will assist low-income families in the other counties will be through our sister churches and making social service agencies and independent school districts know that this service is available for their students and families.