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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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  Our mission, based on Matthew 28:19-20, is to make disciples

for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We invite you to come worship, learn, and build friendships here at
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  Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ!


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

   That’s probably not the first time you’ve heard that this Christmas season, and it definitely won’t be the last time you’ll hear it. 
   I like saying, “Merry Christmas!”  These are two very good words to hear.  And it sounds way better than, say, “Merry Advent;” or “Merry Yuletide;” or “Merry Gift Giving;” or “Merry Jesus’ Birthday.”
   These two words get the total message in for this Advent and Christmas season.  Merry: “full of fun-spirited cheerfulness; marked by fun and festivity,” according to The American Heritage Dictionary.  Christmas: a melding of the two words, “Christ Mass,” meaning “Christ’s festival,” again, according to The American Heritage Dictionary.  I suppose “Christmas,” sounds better than, “Christival.”
   Trivia:  did you know that the word, “bedlam,” is a meltdown of the word, “Bethlehem?”  The English gave us this one.  An insane asylum in England had the name, “Bethlehem,” in its title, and over time, as only the English can do (except for Texans), it was whittled down to “bedlam,” and it fit the insane asylum. 
   And if you see the word, “Xmas,” stay calm!  “X” is the Greek letter for our English, “Ch.”  Christ in Greek is, Χριστο.  See?  All is well!
   Connie and I hope you have and blessed and wonderful Christmas season!  Take some time each day and find a good Advent Devotional Guide and go through these 25 days with a sense of wonder about it all.  How can God love us enough to send His only begotten Son?  Maybe us knowing that isn’t near as important as knowing in our heart-of-hearts that He does!! 
   One more time:  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
   May God abundantly bless you and yours throughout this month of December, 2018!
                                                                             Peace like a…..Midnight Clear,

                                                                                                          Rusty Dickerson

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Book of Revelation

Bible Study 

Each Wednesday at 6:00 pm in Church Parlor
beginning Jan. 9th
 Bring your Bible and note-taking stuff and come join us at this very special bible study.  As much as Revelation may scare and frustrate many people, I find it to be one of the best Books of the Bible - a Book filled with promise and hope in a time of death and destruction!  There will be child-care.  
Pastor Rusty

After School Program 
 Each Wednesday after school dismisses!  You can catch the bus to the fun!  
You do not want to miss out on all the fun!  This year, the kids will get to participate in some fun experiments that remind them of some of Jesus' amazing miracles.  These miracles show us how awesome God is and why Jesus is our Savior. 

Get ready to eat delicious snacks, sing worship songs, learn Bible stories, and have a blast doing crafts.

Kids must be 4 years old before school starts this year to participate.

Please be ready to pick your child up at 5:00 pm on the east end of the Church Building after the program is over each Wednesday.

For any questions, call 552 6281 or go by the church office.

 Handbell Choir 
Are you interested in joining the newly formed Handbell Choir?

Please contact the church office at 552 6281 to get on the list!!!

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 9:00 am

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11:00 am
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